Alliance for Catholic Education

The Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) at the University of Notre Dame strengthens and transforms Catholic schools through the formation of talented, faith-filled educators, along with an array of programs and services designed to address the challenges facing today’s Catholic schools.

1 out of every 4 Catholic schools in America is touched by ACE’s people and programs. 

ACE recruits and forms talented, well-trained young people to teach in Catholic schools across America who will become the next generation of committed, faith-filled Catholic school teachers. ACE cultivates these leaders—2,021 so far—through a wide variety of programs, including ACE Teaching Fellows, the Center for Transformational Educational Leadership, and the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program. 


One of ACE’s best assets is a strong network of alliances with diverse stakeholders across America. ACE engages this network—which includes academics, parents, elected officials, ACE alumni, and religious leaders—to expand access to quality Catholic education to at-risk schoolchildren and to advocate for parental choice and federal title funding programs in matters of public policy and school governance. ACE works to bolster the ever-increasing standard for academic excellence in Catholic schools while maintaining and reinvigorating the Catholic culture and identity that make these sacred places among our greatest national treasures. The Notre Dame ACE Academies are an innovative model of Catholic schooling, established to strengthen and sustain existing parish and diocesan Catholic elementary schools.


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