Keough School of Global Affairs

In keeping with the University of Notre Dame’s mission to serve humanity through scholarship, the Donald R. Keough School of Global Affairs educates and trains global affairs professionals to advance integral human development, a model of human flourishing rooted in respect for the dignity and full potential of each person. The Keough School works with private sector, government, and nongovernmental partners worldwide to forge solutions to challenges posed by economic, environmental, and political instability.

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The Keough School’s comprehensive research and teaching agenda reflects Notre Dame’s commitment to “constructive and critical engagement with the whole of human culture.” As such, the Keough School emphasizes the in-depth study of societies in their local cultural settings and under the impact of political and economic globalization. It also responds to the clear need for the study of religion and ethics to take its place alongside other core disciplines in the education of global professionals. By integrating these approaches, methods, and areas of study, the Keough School responds to the interconnected nature of global challenges.

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