Graduate Student Financial Aid

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The University has built much of its academic reputation on the strength of its undergraduate program. As we strive to assert our position as the world’s leading Catholic research university, we recognize the urgency of elevating graduate education, particularly in our most premier programs.

Graduate students help advance the University at all levels. They are the workforce of our research and teaching programs, staffing laboratories and assisting with undergraduate classes. They provide valuable contributions to faculty research, often making key discoveries and always offering challenging insights into their professors’ work.

Competition for exceptional graduate students is fierce. Students seek top-notch experiences with high-profile faculty, and for Notre Dame to continue competing with the best programs we must be able to match the ever-expanding fellowships granted by other schools. Fellowships underwrite tuition expenses and provide students with living stipends. Increasing our fellowship amounts to meet or exceed the offers of our peer institutions will allow the University to attract the most elite students, thereby raising the research profile, the prestige, and the ranking of Notre Dame as a whole.


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