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The McGrath Institute for Church Life of the University of Notre Dame exists as an integral component of the University’s larger mission of teaching, research, and service to society and to the Church. Through its resources, projects, and affiliate centers, the Institute reaches out to the whole spectrum of Church leaders—its bishops, clergy, religious, and laity—to provide training and service as well as opportunities for spiritual rejuvenation and personal growth. In this work, the McGrath Institute seeks to embody the spirit and mandate of the Second Vatican Council, to implement a mission of transforming the Church and society in light of the Gospel, and to renew the theological, ministerial, pastoral, catechetical, and liturgical traditions of the Church.

At the heart of the University of Notre Dame’s service to the Church, the McGrath Institute for Church Life directs all its efforts to the missionary tasks of evangelization and healing. With the guidance of the Spirit, who makes the love of God in Christ present in every generation, the Institute seeks to serve the Church by contributing to the formation of faithful Catholic leadership. The Institute assists the Church in addressing current challenges with responses appropriate to the teaching and research mission of a preeminent Catholic university while inspiring a renewed Catholic imagination through new scholarship and research, both within and beyond the Notre Dame community.

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