Sacred Music at Notre Dame

At the heart of the artistic and spiritual life of the Roman Catholic Church is a unique legacy: sacred music. And Notre Dame is the place where deeper engagement with this form of artistic and religious expression can begin.

Sacred Music at Notre Dame is poised to lead the world in the study, preservation, and promotion of sacred musical arts.

Sacred Music at Notre Dame is an interdisciplinary, ecumenical program with a Roman Catholic core. The program engages faculty, students, artists, churches, and the larger community through performances, research, teaching, and internships. Professors from music, theology, and other fields work together to train church musicians, prepare professional musicians for academic and artistic leadership, and engage scholars in the research of sacred music and liturgical practices.

A World-Class Faculty

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Notre Dame has assembled some of the best sacred music scholars and artists in the world, including choral director Carmen Helena Tellez, organist Craig Cramer, and music and liturgical historians Margot Fassler and Peter Jeffery. These dynamic teachers attract the best graduate students and, together, they have already brought in more than $2 million in outside funding and placed Notre Dame at the forefront of sacred music scholarship and performance.

At Notre Dame, these faculty also have resources most music scholars do not: a world-class theology program, a world-class medieval studies institute, and an excellent department of music, all of which are bolstered by the Catholic mission of an international research university.

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