Endowed Professorships

Talented professors—truly masterful ones, the sort who influence society and carve legacies with their groundbreaking innovations and insightful scholarship—are a university's single greatest resource. They determine, to a large extent, the quality and resonance of an institution’s research enterprise, forging powerful interdisciplinary connections and addressing issues of global import. They play a leading role in training the faculty and researchers of tomorrow and in shaping academic disciplines across higher education. For students, their inspiring presence is the difference between an extraordinary education and a merely good one. 

Endowed Professorship Insert

As Notre Dame strives to be the world’s leading Catholic research university and to further refine its tradition of superb undergraduate teaching, we are aggressively seeking to add to a faculty of exemplary professors while retaining current scholars who could be recruited by competing institutions. The ultimate goal is to enhance the breadth, distinction, and impact of the University’s teaching and research endeavors. Central to these efforts will be the creation of dozens of new endowed professorships and directorships.

Endowed professorships confer an unmatched level of prestige and recognition and are highly sought-after by the top professors in the world. The availability of an endowed professorship is often the deciding factor in attracting world-class professors to Notre Dame or retaining those who are already among our faculty.

Professorships may be endowed in any of Notre Dame's colleges or schools and, furthermore, any professorship may be designated a "mission professorship," which the University bestows upon faculty who not only define excellence in their fields of study, but also enrich Notre Dame’s Catholic identity through their teaching and research.

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