Undergraduate Research

Original research, and participation in faculty research, has long been a hallmark of graduate education in the United States. While this is as true at Notre Dame as it is at other major research universities, what sets Notre Dame apart is the extent to which the opportunity to engage in original research and collaborate in faculty research projects is available to undergraduate students.

Undergrad Research Insert

Whether they plan to pursue graduate studies or embark upon careers, Notre Dame undergraduates benefit in several ways from engagement in research projects. They develop skills in “active learning” that are applicable in many other settings and are able to explore topics of interest to them in greater depth than they can in classroom courses. And they gain valuable experience in working as part of a team—in collecting, organizing, and analyzing data—and in communicating the results of their work.

Demand for undergraduate research opportunities continues to rise, and the University has accordingly made it a priority to raise the funds necessary to provide these opportunities for every student who wants them. 

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