The Center for Social Concerns

“We call on our universities, in particular, to make Catholic social teaching, and the social encyclicals of the popes a part of their curriculum.”
—Economic Justice for All,
U.S. Catholic Bishops, 1986

Center For Social Concerns

The Center for Social Concerns at Notre Dame is an academic institute grounded in Catholic social teaching and the methods of engaged learning and research. Its many courses, seminars, programs, and initiatives bring students, faculty, and community partners together to understand social problems and work toward solutions so that all may participate in the common good.

Catholic social teaching is rich with ideas about building a just society, but it asks us to do more than simply think about it. It asks us what is right and good, and then it calls for us to take action. In partnership with the University, the Center works to put Catholic social teaching into action in a variety of ways, by:

  • Offering courses that introduce students to Catholic social teaching and give them the opportunity to enact it in the communities where it is most needed
  • Training faculty to design and teach courses that engage students in ethical responses to social concerns
  • Introducing graduate students from around the University to Catholic social teaching and academic engagement and encouraging them to apply their knowledge to a broad array of social problems
  • Facilitating research that draws on the expertise of both faculty and community partners to produce mutual benefit
  • Gathering scholars and practitioners from around the country and the world to explore the principles of Catholic social teaching and how they can be applied to real-world problems

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