Diversity and Inclusion Center

Notre Dame is committed to diversity in our University community because it is a moral and intellectual necessity. Diversity enriches our social interactions and intellectual lives by exposing all of us to perspectives and frames of reference that challenge our unexamined assumptions. The gifts of each individual enrich the lives of the community as a whole.

Diversity And Inclusion Insert

Yet our coming together on campus is only the start; we must cultivate community among us if we are to harvest the benefits of diversity. Notre Dame’s Division of Student Affairs seeks funding for updated facilities, programming, and staff for the creation of a new Diversity and Inclusion Center in order to serve the growing population of diverse students entering the University.

We seek to create a new space on campus, along with associated programming, that demonstrates the ways we value diversity in terms of ethnicity, cultural origins, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation. This space will be known as the Diversity and Inclusion Center, and our plans for development involve:

  • Renovating the second floor of the LaFortune Student Center to serve as a central hub for celebrating and embracing diverse connections on campus. This floor will include spaces for workshops and study, a new media center, and the integration of the programming offices of Multicultural Services and Programs Office and the Gender Relations Center.
  • Developing new and innovative diversity programming, including speakers, conferences, and off-campus student field trips.
  • Adding the position of Associate Director of Program Management.

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