Why We Need You

Raising money is vital for Notre Dame to achieve its mission to be a force for good in the world. Your gift is important to Notre Dame because:

Tuition covers only about two-thirds of the real cost of undergraduate education.
Even those who pay "full price" have benefited from the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends.

Nearly half of all Notre Dame undergraduates depend on need-based aid from the University. 
Notre Dame is one of the few universities that meet 100 percent of every family's demonstrated need.

Notre Dame's endowment covers only about 23 percent of the University's budget, and most funds are restricted to specific purposes.
Though Notre Dame's endowment is not small, it is best measured against its mission. The amount of endowment spent each year (about 5.5 percent) is carefully calibrated to enable the funds to fulfill their purpose in perpetuity, and more than 75 percent of those funds are directed toward particular schools, departments, or programs. The University must fund more than two-thirds of its operating expenses from other sources, so annual, expendable gifts provide vital flexibility.

Federal funding has declined.
Federal support for university research is significant, but it has been declining for years in real dollars. The current budget environment makes such funding even more precarious.

Every gift makes a difference!
Most gifts made to Notre Dame are under $1,000. But together they add up to millions for financial aid, academics, research, and other programs.