Sorin Society


Sorin Society Impact Report 2019-2020

Each year, members of the Sorin Society join in the steadfast commitment to educate and grow the hearts and minds of students at Notre Dame.

Members of Sorin provide one of the largest cash gifts to Notre Dame each year to meet the needs and priorities of the University, namely undergraduate financial aid.

As the world faces one of the worst pandemics in history, economic circumstances have changed for many Notre Dame families. The University made it clear from the beginning that it would not allow this crisis to prevent any Notre Dame student from being able to complete their degree. Gifts through the Sorin Society in 2019-2020 provided critical assistance for students most affected by the crisis.

In addition to Financial Aid, the Sorin Society assisted the University in readying the campus to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sorin Society funded, in part, the University's testing and contract tracing efforts, physical enhancements and sanitization supplies, student education and programming, and classroom technology enhancements for virtual learning. Thanks to the flexible and unrestricted nature of Sorin Society gifts, Notre Dame was able to significantly invest in the areas necessary to ensure the return of students to campus under the watchful eye of Our Lady.

On behalf of our students, thank you for your life-changing generosity and dedication. As a Sorin member, you share in the pride, joy, and enthusiasm for all that the Notre Dame family achieves together. Thank you for giving the gift of Notre Dame.

- The Sorin Society Team


raised by Sorin members in 2019-2020.


of dollars raised was directed to financial aid and provided 1,926 students with a $10,000 financial aid package.


was directed to assist the University's COVID-19 efforts.

Vongaishe Mutatu ’23

Without your generosity I would not have been able to attend such a prestigious school like Notre Dame. I’m in awe everyday of the fact that I’m actually getting my education at Notre Dame. Being a part of the Notre Dame community has been such a blessing. I am surrounded by faculty that want to help me succeed and that has made all the difference. I feel wanted here and I feel important. You have opened so many doors for me already and I am excited to walk in them throughout my four years."

Delivering Critical Financial Aid

Sorin members have always given the University the ability to address the greatest need facing our students. The economic downturn caused by the pandemic has created a need for financial aid greater than any time in Notre Dame’s history. The University remains committed to meeting this need, ensuring that no admitted student leaves Notre Dame for economic reasons.

Developing a New Community

While the pandemic has altered every aspect of campus life, the University has taken every step to create a safe learning and student life environment. Before students arrived this fall the University evaluated over 300 classrooms and implemented necessary changes to follow safety protocols along with adding 27 spaces across campus (including the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, JACC, Dahnke Ballroom, the Morris Inn, and Washington Hall) to be utilized as classrooms. Over the course of the fall, the University also introduced new spaces for students to gather such as heated tents and the new Library and South Lawns: new comfortable, inviting spaces for students between the Hesburgh Library and Notre Dame Stadium and outside of South Dining Hall. These new initiatives would not have been possible without the flexibility of unrestricted gifts from Sorin members.

Creating a Safe Environment

Creating a safe environment for students to learn was an essential part of welcoming students back to campus. The generosity of Sorin members made this possible by helping to establish and enhance the University’s testing and tracing operation throughout the semester. In addition to these efforts, Notre Dame developed a robust educational program regarding necessary adaptations to normal college life activities during the pandemic and delivered masks and cleaning supplies to students, empowering them to participate in maintaining a safe and healthy campus.

Jack and Julie Rotolo - Sorin 175

There is an indescribable energy that is magical when you step onto the Notre Dame Campus. It kindles in us a positive, engaging feeling that draws us in and makes us feel like a special part of the Notre Dame Family. We strive to embody the same mission, principles and values of Notre Dame and the Sorin Society within our own family and lives. We believe that this isn’t about giving back, but more about giving forward to help further the development of our students who will become the future leaders in their families, communities and careers.”