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Each year Notre Dame seniors participate in a tradition where they give back to future students who will follow in their footsteps. Our goal is to get all of the senior class to pledge to make Notre Dame better than they left it. By making this pledge, you are paying the gift of a Notre Dame education forward.

Please join your fellow senior classmates in leaving a legacy of generosity to others by making the Class of 2023 Notre Dame Pledge. Are you in?

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Senior Class Pledge Committee

Do you like to break records? Are you interested in being a leader? How about participating in a resume-worthy volunteer project? Become a member of the Class of 2023 Notre Dame Pledge Committee!

  • By joining the Class of 2023  Notre Dame Pledge Committee you will:
  • Organize and execute fundraising initiatives for the Notre Dame Class of 2023
  • Utilize strong relationship-building and sales expertise by connecting with and encouraging fellow seniors to make a pledge to give after graduation 
  • Collaborate with the Notre Dame Department of Development and Annual Giving Team to further Notre Dame’s mission of being a force for good in the world


"My small pledge or gift won’t even make a difference."

  • Not only do small gifts add up but you can also make your degree more valuable! The percentage of seniors who give back to their alma mater affects the academic reputation of the school (i.e., national rankings). This ranking helps attract top faculty and potential students, resulting in high-quality classroom discussions, actionable research opportunities, and innovative teaching models that make  Notre Dame that much better.

"I would rather give to a smaller, local charity where I will make a larger impact."

  • You can make a gift to any area you are passionate about! What was the best part of your ND experience? Give back there!
  • Want a way to impact more students? Direct your gift to financial aid! Almost one-half (48 percent) of Notre Dame students receive financial assistance in the form of need-based scholarships that do not require repayment. 

"Notre Dame has enough money."

  • Did someone mention the endowment? The endowment is made up of over 6,000 separate funds, with spending legally restricted by what the donor dictates. For example a donor can say their gift can only be used for cancer research, the environment, ethics, global health, or scores of other worthy interests. 
  • Approximately 1/3 of endowment spending is directed towards financial aid..
  • The endowment is not a savings account or a rainy day fund for the University!

Together, we can make an impact. Together, we can leave a legacy of generosity just as the many senior classes before us did!