Fighting to Grow the Good in Business

Author: Brandon Tabor

Fighting To Grow The Good In Business

Victoria Nyanjura ’20 MGA survived a harrowing capture by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. Her story of sorrow and distress eventually brought her to hope. That hope came from education, and she’s committed to providing it to other women at Saint Bakhita’s Vocational School where she is now the head of school.

Saint Bakhita’s opened to serve LRA kidnapping survivors like Victoria, but for many years, the school teetered on the brink of closure. Then Notre Dame Professor Wendy Angst stepped in to help. She and the students in her Innovation and Design Thinking class in the Mendoza College of Business are working alongside the students at Saint Bakhita’s to develop creative ways for the school to become self-sufficient and profitable.

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