New 'For Good' Episode: Meghan Sullivan

Author: Gasser Abousaif

Whether it’s wrestling with questions about the meaning of life or tackling contemporary issues with no easy solutions, philosophy has played a crucial role in the development of our society from Ancient Greece to the twenty-first century.

In the ninth episode of For Good, Meghan Sullivan, the Wilsey Family Collegiate Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study and the Notre Dame Ethics Initiative, talks from Fr. Hesburgh’s historic office about how the University has a responsibility to become a global leader in philosophical and ethical studies, how Fr. Hesburgh’s legacy resonates both on campus and beyond, and how Notre Dame teaches students to apply philosophical lessons in their own lives to create a more ethical and just future for all.

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A sincere thank you to the Notre Dame Family for making stories like these possible! It's because of you that Notre Dame is such a powerful force for good in the world.