Notre Dame Law School students join in the fight against China’s genocide and crimes against Uyghur people

Author: Michelle McDaniel

Uyghur Flag

In what appears to be the largest incarceration of an ethnoreligious group since World War II, millions of Uyghurs have been subjected to re-education, rape, constant surveillance, and familial separation at the hands of the Chinese government. 

Notre Dame Law School students contributed to an amicus brief in support of the criminal complaint filed by The World Uyghur Congress and The Uyghur Human Rights Project against China for genocide and crimes against humanity.

“The Uyghur people have long been targets of persecution by the Chinese government because of their distinct culture and devotion to their Islamic faith,” said Ostertag, currently a 2L in his first year of work with the Religious Liberty Initiative.

This amicus brief filing is the latest effort undertaken by the Notre Dame Law School Religious Liberty Initiative to bring awareness to and encourage action against the atrocities enacted by the Chinese government.

Thanks to the incredible impact made by Order of St. Thomas More members, Notre Dame law students have the funding required to make a difference across the world. Read the full story to learn more about how Notre Dame law students exhibit exceptional moral and ethical standards and work to advance the mission for the common good.