Notre Dame to honor the pioneers of Irish women’s athletics

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The Honoree List

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the University of Notre Dame, its Athletics Department and the Notre Dame Monogram Club will celebrate the passionate group of women who paved the way for the success of the University’s current women’s varsity programs by awarding more than 250 honorary monograms.

Given that their contributions represent the product of a true pioneering effort, the honorees, including both the founders of the Women’s Athletic Association and the women who competed for Notre Dame during the first five years of coeducation (1972-77), will receive honorary monograms in a ceremony this fall.

“The women’s athletics programs at Notre Dame have enjoyed remarkable success over the years, but none of that would have been possible without the commitment, dedication and passion of the women who blazed the trail 50 years ago,” University President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., said. “We are indebted to their pioneering efforts and are pleased to welcome them into the ranks of the Monogram Club.”

“The women’s athletics programs at Notre Dame have enjoyed remarkable success over the years, but none of that would have been possible without the commitment, dedication and passion of the women who blazed the trail 50 years ago.” - University President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.

On June 23, 1972, the Education Amendments of 1972 were enacted. Title IX of the amendments prohibited sex-based discrimination in any school or any other education program that receives funding from the federal government. Later that year, Notre Dame enrolled its first class of undergraduate women.

While athletics was not specifically mentioned in Title IX, the statute was soon applied to collegiate sports programs and, over the past half-century, played the primary role in opening up opportunities for women in athletics.

Beginning in 1972, a group of passionate female students formed the Women’s Athletic Association, and over the course of the next five years, this organization provided leadership to the many students who were interested in developing varsity teams. The association created a path to that status through the organization and promotion of interest groups, club teams and varsity programs.

“Many women who enrolled at Notre Dame during those first five years had opportunities to use their athletic talents at other schools,” Jack Swarbrick, vice president and the James E. Rohr Director of Athletics, said. “Instead, they chose to come to Notre Dame and build a rich coeducational environment that would ensure equitable opportunities for future students. Laying a strong foundation would be their measure of success, and their efforts cannot be overstated. Most importantly, they inspired others to follow their example, both in how to compete and how to build for the future.”

Kate Markgraf, Monogram Club president, decorated national and international soccer player and current general manager of the U.S. Women’s National team, added: “I am proud that we are recognizing this group for their sacrifices, and the contributions that live on today. Using ingenuity and their personal resources, they figured out a way to train, compete and navigate programs toward varsity status. I am among thousands of Notre Dame female student-athletes who benefited from their vision, drive and determination all those years ago.”

Notre Dame currently fields 26 varsity athletics programs, half of which are for women, beginning in 1976 with tennis and adding through the years fencing, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, swimming and diving, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, indoor and outdoor track and field, lacrosse and rowing. Irish women have won 14 national championships in fencing, soccer and basketball, as well as many individual national championships.

The University will invite the honorees back to campus for the UNLV football weekend Oct. 21-23. There will be a special recognition ceremony and the group will be recognized during the Notre Dame football game.

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The Honorees

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Anne Marie Adams

S. Ahoy

Kam Amato

Kathryn Anderson

Judy Arenson

Maria Arminio

Lorainne Armstrong

Susie Augustus

Cheryl Baggen

Bev Baginski

Kathleen Bailey

Sue Bailey

Becky Banasiak

Kathy Banbury

Leslie Barnes

Sarah Bartzen

Mary K. Baty

Jean Benedett

Anne Berges

Betsy Bernard

Liz Berry

Argery Bitchakas

Kim Bledsoe

Ann Bond

J. Bonifert

Lenore Bottino

Barb Boylan

Martha Boyle

Bonita Bradshaw

Mary Brady

Barb Breesmen

Nancy Brenner

Cindy Buescher

Mary C. Burke

Pat Burke

Erin Burns

Boni Burton

Shotsie Caine

Maria Calabrese

Ellen Callahan

Maura Carroll

Mary Champion

Mary Clemency

Ann Colbert

Cathy Comerford

Mary Conley

Beth Conlisk

Patty Coogan

Elizabeth Corbin

Kathy Cordes

Peg Crehan

Marilyn Crimmins

Nancy Cueroni

Peggy Curtin

MaryJo Cushing

Debbie Dean

Anne Deighen

Jill Delucia

Kate Dickinson

Anne Dilenschneider

Kathy Dilworth

Camille Doan

Laura Dodge

Betsy Dorzweiler

Kathy Downs

D. Dressler

Nora Duffy

Sally Duffy

Chris Dziwura

Margaret D’Aquila

Jeanne Earley

Robin Eresman

Jeanne Essling

Betsy Fallon

Kathy Farhart

Pat Farro

Sue Fitzpatrick

Mary Fitzsimons

Laura Flaherty

Sue Flanigan

Liz Flood

Maureen Flynn

Sue Fondi

Joan Fremeau

Barb Frey

Carole Froling

Fidele Galey

Christie Gallagher

Erin Gallagher

Kathy Gallogly

Libby Galloway

Ann Gardner

Jane Garland

Jody Gormley

Nora Grace

Sue Grace

Debbie Grady

Carol Guckert

Mary Gumble

Mary Kay Hanson

Meme Hanson

Anne Marie Hawkins

Mary Hayes

Peggy Hester

Mary Beth Hines

Astrid Hotvedt

Ellen Hughes

Mary Jaeger

Mary James

Diane Johnson

Kathleen Jones

Kathy Juba

Kathy Kane

Louise Karas

Veronica Keefe

Jennifer Kellow

Ann Kelly

Regina Kelso

Lory Kerger

Jay Kiley

Roberta Kilpatrick

Mary Koch

Sue Krakora

Judy Kseniak

Sue Kunkel

Cindy Labriola

Mary Lammers

Carol Latronica

Pam Leary

MaryBeth Leonard

Janet Longfellow

Geri Lopez

Donna Losurdo

Maria Losurdo

Adella Malvezzi

Mary Mannion

Kim Manzi

Melanie Marshall

Mary Marten

Molly Martin

Rita Martin

Anne Mattimore

Mary Beth Mazanec

Laurie McAllister

Kathy McCann

Marie McCarthy

Pam McGinley

Molly McGuire (Ohio)

Molly McGuire (Iowa)

Karen McKeon

Jean McQuillan

Kathy McRae

Lynn Mertensoto

Kristin Meyer

Coletta Miller

Nikki Miller

Terry Molony

JoAnn Mooney

Carole Moore

Meg Morgan

Mary Lou Mulvihill

Byrne Murphy

Marianne Murphy

Ellen Myler

Dana Nahlan

Lori Nolan

Margaret Noonan

Barb Norcross

Mairin North

Sue O’Brien

Kathy O’Connell

Eileen O’Grady

Michele O’Haren

Trish O’Donnell

Judith Offerle

Julianne Olech

Sharon Orbeson

Jayne O’Reilly

Charmaine Ortega

Ginny Ott

Brenda Pallone

Sandy Parnell

Joan Porter

Laure Prestine

Phyllis Provost

Joanne Prusiecki

Cindy Rebholz

Susan Reis

Joan Richtsmeier

Nancy Rickhoff

Maggy Rietman

Barb Riley

Kathleen Riordan

Janet Robert

Judy Robert

Gina Robillard

Ann Rockey

Laura Rohrbach

Melissa Roman

Diane Rortvedt

Gill Rose

Judy Rupprucht

Mary Ryan

Janet Scanlon

Gail Schahade

Janel Schliesman

C. Schoendienst

Margaret Schuler

Mary Setlock

Kathy Shanahan

Judy Shiely

Carolyn Shiffels

Elizabeth Short

Ginger Siefring

Sue Smiggen

Carol Simmons

Chris Simony

Mary Singer

Linda Sisson

Andrea Smith

Sally Smith

Mary Spalding

Brooks Stasse

Nancy Stoltz

Elizabeth Storey

Monica Stupke

Camille St. Hilaire

Eunice Sullivan

Kathy Sullivan

Sharon Sullivan

Judy Temple

Amy Thornton

Becky Thornton

Rosemary Tirinnanzi

Beth Towne

Nina Tressler

Debbie Valentino

Monica Vogel

Ellen Walsh

Mary Walsh

Vicki Warren

Helen Weber

Cindy Weidner

Jule Wetherbee

Mary White

Linda Wilber

Lisa Winkelman

Lauren Wood

Kathy Zablotney

Mary Ann Zdinak

Ruth Zurcher

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