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I’m an alum. How can I participate in the football ticket lottery?

If you’re an alum and you want to participate in the football ticket lottery, all you have to do is make a gift according to the guidelines below. If you received your first Notre Dame degree in 2018, you will automatically receive a lottery application for the 2018 season.

Beginning in 2011, alumni who have graduated within the last ten years became eligible for a football ticket lottery application by making a minimum donation of $100. Previously, alumni who had graduated within the last seven years could become eligible for the football ticket lottery with a gift of $100. In calendar year 2018, alumni who graduated between 2009 and 2018 will qualify for the 2019 lottery with a $100 gift to the University.

I’m not an alum. Can I still participate?

If you’re not an alum—and even if you are—you are welcome to participate in the lottery as a special contributor.

How do I become a special contributor?

If you want to become a special contributor—and enjoy improved odds in the lottery—all you have to do is make an annual gift to Notre Dame of $1,500 or more. The easiest way to become a special contributor is to join the Sorin Society or one of our other giving societies.

What gifts count toward eligibility in the football ticket lottery?

Any gift you make to Notre Dame—whether to the Annual Fund, as a payment on an existing commitment, or to any University-sponsored program—is credited toward your eligibility in the lottery. Corporate matching gifts do not count toward your eligibility.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the next football ticket lottery?

To make sure you’re eligible for the next lottery, you can view your recent giving history by logging in to myNotreDame. Not a member of myNotreDame? Join today!

Why should I participate in the football ticket lottery?

Beyond the opportunity to obtain tickets to Notre Dame football games, your gift ultimately benefits our students. No matter what you choose to give to—or how much you decide to give—your gift will make a difference.

In addition to participating in the football ticket lottery, are there other ways to obtain football tickets?

Yes! To learn about all the ways you can obtain football tickets, visit

Minimum Annual Gift Guidelines

All gifts should be made directly to Notre Dame by December 31 to qualify for the following year’s lottery.

2018 Calendar Year  
Class Year* Minimum Annual Gift for 2019 Application
2009–2018 $100
1968–2008 $200
Prior to 1968 $100
Special Contributor $1,500+

*Based on first ND degree


Every gift matters. Make yours today.

Questions? Please contact:

Notre Dame Ticket Office
113 Joyce Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556
574 631-7356

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