Each year, Father Jenkins directs Cavanaugh Council funding to a handful of key initiatives and ongoing priorities. Below is a sampling of recent allocations:

Investing in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Cavanaugh Innovation

To bring the discoveries and innovations from our classrooms to the marketplace and world, Notre Dame has established the Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Innovation. Start-up funding for this office has provided critical resources to entrepreneurship at Notre Dame, including Innovation Park and its 27 start-ups, the Law School Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic, and the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship. From drug discoveries in rare and neglected diseases to nanotechnology and medical diagnostics, this investment will help Notre Dame innovations reach those who need them most.

Collections and Technologies in the Hesburgh Libraries


Time and again, Cavanaugh Council gifts have enhanced the Hesburgh Libraries. A portion of these funds were used to expand the University’s holdings in sacred music, a strategic move intended to attract a pair of stellar faculty members who have since transformed Notre Dame’s sacred music program and elevated the University's renowned medieval studies program. In addition, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies benefited from targeted library purchases in Islamic and other religious traditions, materials that assist students and faculty in addressing pressing inter-religious conflicts. 

Cavanaugh Council has also impacted many other areas of the libraries. Funds were designated for collection development in the sciences and engineering, as scholarship and research in these areas continue to expand. Thanks to Council funding, the University acquired a digital index of English and foreign-language journals in physics, electrical engineering, and computing that has had an immediate impact on the depth and quality of research at Notre Dame.

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