Sorin Society

Members of the Sorin Society* join in the vision of Notre Dame's founder, Father Sorin, by empowering students with the resources they need to become forces for good in the world.

Each year, the Sorin Society provides the University with financial resources that have a direct and immediate impact on students. Sorin members' annual contributions bolster important efforts such as: 

  • Give the gift of the Notre Dame experience with a gift to the Sorin Society, and help inspire students to go forth into the world with the spirit of Notre Dame in their hearts and minds. Providing financial aid
  • Furthering Notre Dame's Catholic mission 
  • Enhancing student life and experiences
  • Strengthening academics by expanding student research opportunities
  • Allowing leadership the flexibility to devote attention to Notre Dame's areas of greatest need

*The Sorin Society is proud to recognize recent graduates of Notre Dame as members at special young alumni giving levels, with gratitude for their commitment and sacrifice as leaders among their peers.

Sorin Society Impact

The Sorin Society empowers students with the resources they need to become forces for good in the world. Learn more about the impact of the Sorin Society.

Membership Experiences

Members of SORIN gain access to exclusive events on campus as well as unique opportunities to interact with University leadership and students. Learn more about our membership experiences.

Sorin Society Forever Funds

Have an impact on tomorrow's Notre Dame students through an estate gift to the Sorin Society Forever Fund. Learn more about the Sorin Society Forever Fund.


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