Capital Improvements

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Varsity sports are more than a point of pride for Notre Dame. They are also an important source of revenue, fostering and advancing the University’s academic mission at every turn.

Notre Dame’s athletic programs have enjoyed unprecedented success on the national stage. However, that level of achievement will be difficult to sustain without performance and practice facilities that are comparable in size, scope, and amenities to those available to the top athletic programs in the country—and, arguably, to many of even lesser stature.

The expansion of Notre Dame Stadium to include new facilities for student life and recreational athletics presents a prime opportunity to reimagine Rolfs Sports Recreation Center as a spacious and up-to-date basketball practice facility. The renovation of Rolfs will also serve to rectify the current scheduling problems that exist within the Purcell Pavilion, opening up the Pavilion to more alternative uses and thereby further expanding revenue possibilities.

The Athletics Department also seeks to establish a state-of-the-art Student-Athlete Performance Center. The new facility will develop superior athletes and be a powerful catalyst for research and discovery. It will offer the unique potential for faculty and students to collaborate with student-athletes, coaches, and trainers in developing and utilizing the latest advances in science and technology to create competitive advantages for the Fighting Irish.

Finally, given the capricious nature of spring weather in South Bend, the head coaches of Notre Dame’s men and women’s tennis programs have championed the addition of six new indoor courts to complement and expand upon the current Eck Tennis Center. The new varsity tennis center will permit us to host large national collegiate tournaments, while invigorating community tennis in the South Bend area by hosting local and regional tournaments, clinics, club matches, and free play.