Endowing Coaches


At Notre Dame, students learn from some of the best teachers in the world, many of whom happen to wear a whistle. The coaches of the Fighting Irish are key to developing the academic competency, athletic talents, and personal character of our student-athletes.

The coaches of the Fighting Irish have always insisted that their student-athletes are exactly that: students and athletes. With the tireless guidance of Notre Dame’s academic support staff, Notre Dame coaches propel student-athletes to academic achievement and so prepare them for lifelong success after they leave the playing field.

The focus on academic achievement has propelled Notre Dame to unparalleled heights. For the fourth year in a row, Notre Dame Athletics ranked atop the NCAA’s Academic Progress Ratings (APR). Moreover, 12 Fighting Irish programs earned perfect APR scores, marking the third consecutive year that there were more “perfect” teams at Notre Dame than at any other top-tier collegiate athletic program.

Notre Dame coaches play a vital role in the enduring success of Fighting Irish student-athletes. Whether they are holding early morning practices or traveling far and wide for recruiting and competition, the coaches of the Fighting Irish embody the integrity and excellence that has characterized Notre Dame Athletics for over a century.

Much like an endowed professorship, a coaching endowment recognizes a coach’s hard work, exceptional ability, and dedication to student-athletes. A coaching endowment underwrites a coach’s salary, providing stability and resources for that position both now and in the future. In addition, a coaching endowment creates funds for greater flexibility across the entire athletic department.

Already a reality in many of the nation’s top athletic programs, the introduction of named coaching endowments at Notre Dame will be crucial in our capacity to continue recruiting the most gifted coaches in the highly competitive world of intercollegiate athletics.