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Rockne Athletics Fund

The Rockne Athletics Fund is a group of Notre Dame fans, family, and alumni, who join in the shared vision of providing the best academic and athletic opportunities for Notre Dame student-athletes. 

Members of the Rockne Athletics Fund receive exclusive membership experiences while providing a direct and immediate impact on student-athletes. Rockne members’ annual contributions bolster essential efforts such as:

  • Funding student-athlete scholarships
  • Providing robust nutritional stations and team-room provisions for all student-athletes
  • Expanding injury prevention, recovery, and rehab resources
  • Funding summer scholarships and study abroad opportunities
  • Improving team transportation


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Rockne Athletics Fund Impact

It takes a unique individual willing to accept the expectations and demands that come with being a Notre Dame student-athlete. Every day, Notre Dame student-athletes have the opportunity to experience the most distinctive student-athlete experience in the country, because of Rockne Athletic Fund members. In the 2018-2019 academic year, Rockne members provided $6.1 million in student-athlete financial aid, and over $500,000 in student-athlete summer abroad educational travel. In total, the Rockne Athletics Fund raised $10.1 million for Notre Dame student-athletes. Rockne Athletics Fund members help build champions on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

Membership Levels

There are several levels of membership in the Rockne Athletics Fund. Each level of giving grants you additional member experiences.

Membership Level Annual Membership Monthly Membership
Jesse Harper Council $50,000/year $4,167/month
Athletics Director's Circle $25,000/year $2,083/month
Gold Level $10,000/year $833/month
Blue Level $5,000/year $416/month
Green Level $1,500/year $125/month
Irish Level $500/year $41.66/month
Entry Level $100/year $8.33/month


Membership Experiences

Members of the Rockne Athletics Fund gain access to exclusive events on campus as well as unique opportunities to interact with University leadership and students.

  • Exclusive Football Weekend Events

    Enjoy every Notre Dame Football weekend with invitations to exclusive events, including the Here Come The Irish Kickoff, Shake Down The Thunder Tailgate, and Ask Jack.

    Available to Rockne Gold • Rockne Blue • Rockne Green (not including Ask Jack)

  • Football Ticket and Parking Lottery

    Increase your odds with special contributor status in the Notre Dame Football ticket and parking lotteries.

    Available to Rockne Gold • Rockne Blue

  • Exclusive Notre Dame Access

    Receive insider information right from University athletic leaders and coaches, locker room tours, and pregame field passes.

    Available to Rockne Gold • Rockne Blue *Does not include field passes*

  • Personalized Membership Card

    Spend less at your favorite spots through the on-campus discounts that come with your personalized ROCKNE membership card.

    Available to Rockne Gold • Rockne Blue • Rockne Green (not including parking)

  • OnwardND Concierge Service

    OnwardND Notre Dame has an exclusive concierge hotline for ROCKNE members. Call 574-631-5555 anytime and get answers to all of your Notre Dame-related questions from Notre Dame staff and students.

    Available to Rockne Gold • Rockne Blue • Rockne Green

  • Content from Campus

    Enjoy exclusive monthly tips on health and wellness from Notre Dame sports trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists in our Wellness Wednesday e-mails! Additionally, receive the monthly Rockne Athletic Fund Newsletters, which touch on relevant Fighting Irish news and student-athlete spotlights.

    Available to Rockne Gold • Rockne Blue • Rockne Green • Irish Level

Monogram Club

The Monogram Club is composed of all former Notre Dame student-athletes, cheerleaders, managers, athletic trainers and video technicians. Now in its second century, the Monogram Club connects Monogram winners by building community through fellowship and service while enhancing the unique legacy of Notre Dame Athletics. The Monogram Club strives to deliver on the promise that joining the Notre Dame family is more than a four-year decision. The Monogram Club's many programs and initiatives allow the Club to be a valuable resource—and the connection—that brings together the many generations of Monogram winners. All gifts made to the Rockne Athletics Fund contribute toward one's annual Monogram contribution, formerly known as dues.

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