Notre Dame earns 2024 NCAA/MOAA Diversity and Inclusion Award

Author: Michelle McDaniel

Image courtesy of NCAA

As a result of its new Together Irish program, Notre Dame earned the 2024 NCAA and Minority Opportunities Athletic Association Award for Diversity and Inclusion and was honored Wednesday, January 10, at the NCAA Convention Welcome and Awards Presentation in Phoenix.

The NCAA/MOAA Award for Diversity and Inclusion recognizes the initiatives, policies, and practices of schools and conference offices that embrace diversity and inclusion across intercollegiate athletics.

The Together Irish initiative directly led to more than 30 campuswide activations during the 2022–23 academic year alone and featured participation by each of the school’s 26 varsity sports. In addition to student-athletes, Together Irish engaged staff, coaches, campus and industry partners, philanthropic and corporate partners, the local community, and alumni.

“I think the whole area of diversity and inclusion is central to the University,” said Rev. John Jenkins. “It’s central to who we are, to be a community where everyone feels respected, where everyone, simply by being who they are, feels part of the community, everyone feels uplifted by it and contributes to it.”

Jack Swarbrick said part of what has made Together Irish successful is how ingrained it is in the culture at Notre Dame. It’s what gives him confidence the initiative’s impact will continue to grow.

“I think the staff understands how much it’s made us better. So it’s not like you have to be so intentional about reinforcing the priority. I think the priority is part of the culture now,” he said. “But I also think it’s an understanding that we have to reflect the best values of our student-athletes, and they’re always trying to get better. They’re always trying to take the next step. We have to do that in what we do also, and this area is no exception.”

The student-athletes who attend Notre Dame through the generosity of Rockne Athletics Fund donors are a central part of this powerful initiative and represent themselves and Notre Dame well in both competition and their communities.