Rockne Members make an impact mentoring student-athletes

Author: Michelle McDaniel

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Rockne members make a real and daily difference in the lives of Notre Dame student-athletes. They provide the resources needed to form champions in the classroom, the community, and competition. 

But while they’re well-supported during their college years, transitioning to life after graduation can be extremely difficult for a devoted student-athlete. Many student-athletes struggle to find the time to pursue career development opportunities while juggling practice and school. 

To help combat this, Notre Dame launched a one-credit “Life Beyond College” course to teach the skills students need to succeed after college. In the 2022–2023 academic year, Rockne members were invited to mentor students. 

Student-athletes learned networking skills, gained valuable career advice, built confidence, and learned how to achieve their goals from their Rockne mentors, who are top industry professionals and business executives. 

With their Rockne mentors, these student-athletes are learning to be champions even after graduation. Thank you to our Rockne members who go above and beyond to invest in tomorrow’s leaders!

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