O'Hara Society


O'Hara Society Impact Report 2022-2023

Members of the John Cardinal O’Hara Society directly invest in Mendoza College of Business graduate business students by providing crucial resources and unparalleled experiential learning opportunities. They mold the students of today into the business leaders of tomorrow.

John Cardinal O’Hara, C.S.C.—the first dean of Notre Dame’s College of Commerce, which would later become the Mendoza College of Business—wrote in 1923 that “the primary function of commerce is service to man­kind.” Faced with contemporary social, economic, and commercial challenges, students at the Mendoza College of Business are educated and trained by elite faculty to become powerful forces for good in the workforce and in the world. Our members sustain and strengthen these efforts, advancing the charge for our graduate business students to “Grow the Good in Business.”™

$3.4 Million

Raised by members of the O'Hara Society last year

$1.5 Million

Used for fellowship aid for graduate business students


Number of graduate students whose experience is enriched by O'Hara Society gifts

Chris Merrill, MBA Student at the Mendoza College of Business

I can honestly say that not only has the Mendoza College of Business exceeded my expectations, but it is by far the best program in the country when it comes to experiential learning.

Whether it's working with real projects at the IDEA Center, solving real world problems with the Meyers Frontlines Program, the real world/current projects we work on in our classes and clubs, or even having an admin that encourages doing market research on our own MBA program, when it comes to experiential learning, the Mendoza College of Business comes second to none."

Providing unparalleled experiential learning opportunities

Mendoza graduate business students receive an education rooted in real-world experiences. With opportunities to participate in the Meyer Business on the Frontlines Program, international immersion experiences, and more, our students are afforded a hands-on approach to solving real-world business problems.

Feeding entrepreneurial spirits

Mendoza graduate students are provided access to, and encouraged to engage with, the Innovation, De-Risking and Enterprise Acceleration (IDEA) Center at the University of Notre Dame. Students bring their business ideas to life and finally have a place to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

“Growing the Good in Business”™

Mendoza graduate business students are not only trained to have elite technical and analytical skills, but also trained how to use those skills to contribute to “human flourishing.”

Ken Goldman MBA '76 and Jeanie Goldman

The Notre Dame MBA changed the trajectory of our career in Army health care logistics. In gratitude we support the John Cardinal O’Hara Society. ... [Father O'Hara] recognized that business could be a force for good in society. We have always hoped to contribute to this vision in thanks to Notre Dame through our work and contributions to the O’Hara Society.”