Boldly Notre Dame

Boldly Notre Dame is both a reaffirmation of our origins and a declaration of our future purpose. Our mission is to make Notre Dame the preeminent Catholic research university of the 21st century—a place where faith informs and elevates all that we do. With the Boldly campaign, we seek to strengthen our core academic work by securing the resources to attract and retain teacher-scholars of exceptional caliber, to recruit the brightest students who also embrace the Notre Dame ethos, and to enhance programs and departments that have the potential to become the best in the world.

Why Notre Dame Needs You

Raising money enables Notre Dame to meet the standards of academic and research excellence set by the very best universities in the land. It is our belief that Notre Dame—the only religiously affiliated institution among leading schools—must be among those shaping global conversations, informing public policy, contributing to world-changing research, and forming the leaders of tomorrow.

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