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A rich student life is a hallmark of a Notre Dame education. In giving to Student Life, you make the distinctive Notre Dame student experience possible, supporting our beloved residence halls, student organizations and clubs, and spiritual life.

From close residential communities to state-of-the-art technologies and facilities, the Notre Dame education truly is an education of the whole human person. A gift designated to student life helps ensure that the undergraduate experience remains uniquely Notre Dame.
Your gift makes these and many other aspects of student life possible at Notre Dame:

  • All first-year students live on campus, and many choose to stay in their dorms all four years With some 80 percent of students living on-campus, many of Notre Dame’s longest-standing and most popular traditions center around life in the 31 residence halls.
  • Each residence hall has a mascot and nickname, a color scheme, a favorite charity, and a signature event, ranging from concerts to game shows, casino nights, and auctions.
  • Each residence hall features a chapel and hosts regular masses.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in more than 300 student organizations and clubs.
  • Throughout the year, students participate in long-standing campus traditions, such as Bookstore Basketball, Fisher Regatta, Dillon Hall pep rally, Polar Plunge, An Tostal, SYRs ("Set Up your Roommate" dances), Muddy Sunday, Geek Week, Milkshake Mass, Bengal Bouts and Baraka Bouts, Saturday tailgates, ROTC events and many, many more.
  • North and South Dining Halls offer themed meals throughout the academic year including Halloween and Valentine’s Day desserts, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Cinco de Mayo dinners, and Lenten and Easter buffets. Also a big favorite – candlelight dinners after home football games in the dining halls, complete with white tablecloths and plenty of candles