The Corporate Relations team at Notre Dame works with businesses to build mutually beneficial partnerships that align company needs with University resources.

Our team collaborates with all Notre Dame academic and administrative units to develop positive long-term relationships with our corporate partners. In return, we provide our partners the opportunity to collaborate with world-class faculty and staff, as well as with our outstanding students, who are preparing to become the leaders of tomorrow's business and civic communities.

Partnership with the University of Notre Dame provides corporations with the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen ties with one of America’s leading undergraduate teaching institutions
  • Support and access innovative, interdisciplinary research
  • Contribute to the community and enhance brand profile
  • Secure a prominent role in attracting Notre Dame’s talented and diverse graduates to the workforce
  • Collaborate with University and government officials to promote humanitarian initiatives worldwide

Built on a tradition of excellence, the University of Notre Dame is a one-of-a kind national institution with global recognition. Through initiatives unique to each alliance, the partnership with Notre Dame builds corporate brands on campus and beyond, both nationally and internationally.

Because Notre Dame is globally recognized for its service-based initiatives, collaboration with the University can enhance and promote corporate social responsibility initiatives within partnering institutions. Notre Dame is also one of the most powerful and recognizable brands in collegiate athletics, offering significant branding potential for corporate partners. Through vast media outlets and its worldwide alumni contingency, partners of Notre Dame have a broader reach than they could achieve though partnerships with other universities.

The University of Notre Dame is committed to ensuring that its partners achieve a significant return on their investment. The corporate relations team looks forward to working with you to customize your partnership with Notre Dame.

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